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the european luscombe rally - 7/8/9 August 2009

Arrangements for the 2009 European Luscombe Rally, to be held at Oaksey Park, 7/8/9th August, are now in place. It will run on very similar lines to last year.   Click here for Oaksey Park details          

This year we are inviting you to arrive at any time on Friday so why not take the day off and extend the fun? As the local pub seems to have a problem feeding visitors we'll arrange a barbecue and draught beer for Friday night, more details on catering arrangements will appear on the Forum nearer to the date.

No PPR is required unless you are non-radio. I will inform Lyneham and Brize and Kemble to expect a swarm of Luscombes over the two days. All the info you require should be on the website here, please avoid the noise sensitive areas shown on the map and remember the threshold is displaced on Rwy 22.

**** Oaksey's frequency is 132.225 ****

Brian and Evelyn Austen, the owners of Oaksey Park have once again very generously made the airfield ours for the weekend in exchange for a donation to All Saints Church, Oaksey. Any pilot who makes a donation on arrival of at least eight pounds to the Church gets a card entitling the aircraft to free landings for the weekend! (Otherwise the normal fee of 12 a landing applies!)

Contact phone numbers if you want to check weather/runway in use or for any other info on the day.
Nigel Barratt 07968, 980624
Dave Mathers 07973 508787
Mike Cross 07712 128821
Steve Martin 07775 712466


You may take part in the spot landing competition on arrival, with a judge and jury witnessing every move! (suggest arriving overhead to appraise it before landing). Only one attempt, I'm afraid, in order to cut down circuit noise. Your main wheels must touch down on or beyond the line across the runway, if you land short your attempt will be void. You'll need to do better than this to win.

Tea/Coffee and food will be available throughout. Full English breakfast will be available in the morning for overnight campers with fruit juices, cereals, fruit and yoghurt for the healthier types, washed down with copious tea and coffee.

As the flying winds down the model aircraft, games and booze will come out. We're likely to have Giant Jenga, Boules, Frisbees, a Unicycle, Juggling Balls, Football, The Great Spacehopper Race and anything else we can think up.

Lusty Luscombe Ale, wine and bottled beer will be available in the evenings as usual and Saturday night will feature a Hog Roast as last year.    

That just leaves me to say that this year's Rally looks to be even bigger and better than last year {remember, we had 9 cancellations - 5 by air - due weather} and with your support we can keep the luscombes well and truly on the 'map' and having a really enjoyable weekend - we really look forward to seeing you and your Luscombe relaxing on the grass at this stunning location!              

Safe flying to you all.              

Nige 'bertie' Barratt. 

Click here for Oaksey Park details