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The Luscombe Tour - 30/31 May 2009

I'm pleased to confirm that the very popular Luscombe and Friends Tour, now in it's fourth year, is set in stone and looks to be as entertaining as the previous 4 years! This will take place over the weekend of 30/31st May.

As last year proved to be so popular, providing a challenge in one or two places, the initial part of the Tour will be the same. Friday evening, the 29th May, prior to the start of the Tour, several of us will be having dinner and drinks at the Royal Oak, a few hundred yards from Croft Farm's strip, to get into the swing of things! Anyone is welcome. Local Accommodation, 5 mins away is available, including camping on the strip. 

Please do NOT phone to request PPR at any of the tour stops (especially Old Warden). PPR has been arranged for all participants.

Airfield details here!

Departing from Croft fm (550 mtrs,Grass) ,Nr Defford, at 10:15am we head West, arriving at Ledbury at 10:55am for tea and coffee. Departing lane at 11:50am, we set off North East, a short way to Shobdon for lunch and fuel, arriving at 12:15pm. Well fed, we depart Shobdon at 14.15 and head, again NE, to Abbots Bromley {approx 700 mtrs, Grass}, 7 miles West of Tatenhill, for a very warm welcome plus tea and coffee, arriving at 15:00. Departing Abbots Bromley at 16:00 we set course for Northampton, Sywell, to arrive around 16:50 for Dinner and drinks in a lovely setting with the Luscombes and guests parked right outside the front door! We are expecting similar numbers for dinner; around 40 people.

With a clear head{??} we depart in staggered groups from Sywell at 11:00am for Sackville Farm {730 mtrs Grass} for a superb BBQ and refreshments arriving at 11:30am. Staggered arrivals, on a common frequency,118.00 (for the whole Tour incidentally) is the order of the day. Martin Waters, our 'Safety Officer', will be briefing throughout. At 13:30, we depart Sackville to arrive at Old Warden {613 mtrs, Grass} for 13:55 to enjoy a cuppa until leaving at 15:30, heading SW to Brimpton, a lovely spot, with 635 mtrs of well cut grass, Nr Greenham Common, to finish in style around 16:20. 

There are many of you who have commented on the Tour in a very complimentary way, expressing it offered challenges over the two days and improved their own standard of flying. Safety is my primary concern and all these airfields will provide a challenge of sorts. I cannot over emphasise that these airfields are operable within a Luscombe's flight envelelope at NO MORE than maximum T/O weight,{ within reasonable atmospheric conditions.} Being overweight greatly increases your T/O roll and reduces your ability to outclimb obstacles...{All landings should be straight forward.} Some of you may elect to avoid certain airfields and meet just for lunch or later at Sywell, rest assured there is no pressure for any of the commanders to fly anywhere they are unsure of. Martin Waters did an excellent job of briefs and handouts last year and there is a wealth of experience on board to help/advise anyone. Please don't hesitate to contacting me, in confidence, on 07968 980624 or Martin on 07710 043400 regarding any issues over the Tour. Please use the website as you feel necessary. Please place post your intentions here as this makes Keith Old's job of organising Sywell's dinner function easier. This also helps Steve Martin organise Sackville Farm for lunch.

That just leaves me to say I hope a great many of you can make it and, weather providing, I KNOW you'll have a great time!

Nige Barratt  G-BRUG