Last Shout - Posted by: Nige - Sunday, 08 January 2017 08:56
Welcome to 2017! after a very successful Birthday Party at SYWELL last year for BRUG and others as our Luscombes hit around the 70 year old mark another well intentioned Luscombe meet up and beer is now being considered. Let's get some more ideas around the table and execute them- life is rushing us past and soon the Luscombes will out live us!! The Luscombe site is stable at present and an excellent source for tech talk and events. So let's try and make 2017 a year to remember! safe flying all and look forward to meeting as many as we can get together over the year! Cheers, Nige.
Pooley's 60th anniversary fly-in

I flew into the Compton Abbas fly-in yesterday for the Pooley's 60th. 150 planes were prebooked with Moth passenger flights going on, but no hassle going in or out. A lovely flying day with t ...

by agp, Monday, 15 May 2017 09:17 [ Read all ]
Henstridge Sunday 23rd April

Weather is looking reasonable........... anyone else planning on the Fly-In this Sunday ? ...

by Phil Laycock, Friday, 21 April 2017 12:48 [ Read all ]
California Gathering of Luscombes (GOL)2017 invitation

You're all invited to join us if you find yourselves stateside May 19-21, 2017. Registration for the CLA Gathering of Luscombes is open. Food on site is only guaranteed for those who preregister. ...

by Barry, Monday, 17 April 2017 18:52 [ Read all ]
Old Sarum Sunday 2nd?

Anyone up for Old Sarum Sunday 2nd, WX looks good? ...

by Pete Bush, Friday, 31 March 2017 01:49 [ Read all ]
Luscombe Brimpton gathering.

Hi all,
We have been invited, along similar lines to Lee on Solent (15th April) to meet up at Brimpton over a weekend this Summer. Not a fly in as such - a gathering, a flock even... NOT an Organi ...

by Nige, Tuesday, 28 March 2017 17:21 [ Read all ]
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