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Welcome to 2018 all! here's wishing you all safe and enjoyable flying in these dear old girls and hope we can meet at some events this year. The site has been decidedly quieter these last couple of years but still holds an amazing amount of info, advice and encouragement for those needing it! Let's put it to good use and let us know if you have an event coming up or looking to meet for lunch/overnight at some point! have fun! Nige.

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This was our first experience of flying with the Luscombe crowd and, given the warmth of the welcome and the sheer enjoyment of the flying, Debby and I hope there will be many more. The flying highlight was the combine experience. “Combine” was a new term to me and, if I have it right, it is a military term denoting aircraft flying close enough together to be considered by ATC as one entity. It certainly gave a new sense of security and comfort crossing the waves. For me, though, the best thing was when Alderney Tower suggested that we depart for Guernsey in a combine, lining up on the runway line astern and taking off in rapid sequence. As we climbed out, Tom and Linda in KB took up position to the left behind Nigel and Steph, and Debby and I in MI positioned slightly further back to the right. Thus together we flew the twenty minutes to Guernsey then, in line, flew a long final and crossed the threshold of the 1,463 metre runway a safe distance behind each other, UG landing long, KB in the middle and MI landing short. Marvellous fun!...and it gave me the comparatively rare opportunity to do a long and leisurely wheeler. It was all good, challenging but safe stuff and I look forward to the next opportunity. As for the rest of it, I think Tom’s photos convey the pleasure on the faces and sub-tropical splendour (without the heat) that is the wonderful island of Herm. A big thanks to Nigel for setting it up!
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