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Monday, 09 October 2006
Next item fro blog . check spelling / use spell checkl !
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Have nevr "blogged " before so I though I'd dip in my toes
Sorry if it's "me me" but there you are
I started my flying "career " flying saiplanes at Booked in 1972 , and went on to get a Silver C.
Started to get a little fed up of flying around in circles so saved enough money to get my PPL with the BA flying club in 1976 ( Flying was then subsidised to BA staff and rates on a PA28-140 were £6 per hour then! ) Once I had my PPL , I continued gliding for a while and was able to be checked out as a tug pilot , logging about 60-70 hours towing in the Booker Piper Cub 150 tow plane . Another few years go by flying spam cans - Cherrytrees / Tomohawks/Arrow and I completed my IMC and Night ratings ( isn't night flying fun !)
A chance to check out in a Tiger Moth with the Cambridge Flying Group opened up another horizon
( thanks to the wonderfully charismatic CFI Bill Ison )
2 memories of flying with Bill
1) The Control Column - "Thats not a f*****g cricket bat you're holding so stop f*****g waving
it around like one
2) Flying dual in a Chippy looking for our practise PFL landing strip at Willingham
Me - "I can't see the field Bill "
Bill " I have control" and rolls inverted
Points upwards trhought canopy
" Look up there. There's the f*****g airfield

Flying the Tiger Moth got me into vintage/tailwheel flying proper, but travelling to Cambridge was getting onerous , and so the only thing was to join the Tiger Club at Redhill in the late 80's
The wonderful thing about flying here was the sheer variety of the flying . I would often spend the day athe the airfield and fly a various numbver of types for 20-30 minutes a time
Tiger Moth / Turbulent ( one of my all time favourite aircraft ) , Cub , some aeros in the Stampe,
and the lovely little Jodel Mascaret for touring .
It was about this time I also had a chance to flt the Grace Spitfire OU-V with the display pilot Pete Kynsey . Pete was also a check pilot with the Tiger Club so we were acquainted , so instead of the normal 20 minute sortie I squeezed 30 minutes out of him . Aeros in a Spit ... fantastic
A little memory of this trip .. after a half loop continuing donw and doing 300kts at 30 ft above Chichester harbour

Well that ends my first blog attempt and the years before I discovered the LUSCOMBE
Next I'll upate you on the "Lusccombe Years" or you can avoid reading this tosh and watch "Home and Away " if you prefer .
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