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Thursday, 05 February 2009

Wished I could fly today with all the snow - 6 inches here of the stuff here (allthough some have been saying its 8 inches, could make a comment on that...).

At weekend I met a guy who taking pictures (he took the one on this page). So I offered him a ride (which was quick as I only had half an hour). He took some great pictures in infra red which I will put on here. But this got me to thinking: Every weekend I fly 2 or 3 times and most of the time have an empty seat beside me. Sometimes this is good as it lets me experience the raw power and performance of BNIO, as well as listen to music in a world of my own. But sometimes I think it would be nice to give somene else the chance to see what it is like from on high. So this got me to thinking about how we could form some kind of taster sessions for others. It may help bridge the gap between the Nimbys and ourselves and could offer some great memories for children.

Obviously the health safety freaks have destroyed much hope for our children, but aviation is ironically one area where the plethora of signs and responsibility need not enter the 'Risk Assessment' as insurance is there and money can not be accepted. Perhaps a waiver to the effect of 'don't sue me' would be needed, but how cool would it be to share our fun with others and possibly inspire some to fly or of course just do more than sit watching that tool of evil - Eastenders...

May approach a school or Blue Peter and see what happens.

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