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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

I went to Popham at the weekend and there was loads of snow covering the hills. Got to Popham and slid around on the mud, then sideslipped her to the pumps (mud again). Now she is filthy and I am too lazy to clean her. My neighbour got to Popham, went down the slope to the pumps and slid for about 12 yards, he had to shut the engine down to avoid running into the fence.

Oh well, another weekend mission done - feel fat from the all-day breakfast. Still not gone to the IOW and still have not managed a nice landing at Popham (I always come away with a feeling of amateur stupidity).


Seriously considering an artifical horizon and one of those collision avoidance thingys - reason is simple, weather might fog me up one day and with the current panel I would be pretty much in the brown messy stuff, but with GPS and horizon I can at least get to somewhere like Brize and try to land properly. As for the collision, well it is a worry with our lack of windows etc. No point getting Mode S as it is in 80-90% of cases useless for collision avoidance (need to have ATC in attendance, be in contact with same ATC and other plane to also be in contact etc.).

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