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Monday, 23 March 2009

Yesterday, I got to the Isle of Wight at last. Landed at Sandown and had a nice walk down the sea front to see where my Grandmother lived.

If you go to Sandown, then walk down to the sea front (cliff top), it is about 20 minutes max (they give out free maps at Sandown) and when you get to the cliff top there is a nice little cafe type place where a pot of tea is a pound and they have lots of cakes.

Awful landings both there and back at the strip, but then it was 10 knots plus straight across (I suspect it was much more as the 25knot windsock was at times almost straight). Trip back was lovely, went straight out over the sea and cruised back round Chichester. Looked to France as I went and got tempted to turn South... Soon. Quite fun being over the sea.

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