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Monday, 30 March 2009

Not sure if anyone reads these blogs, bit self-indulgent writing my little bits in here, but helps clear my mind.

Anyway, lately I have been landing badly. I have only missed three weekends this year, so it is not currency, but bad habits. Last weekend it became too much when I had 2 bad landings (poor beany) one where I actually made about 4 touchdowns and felt like I had to apologise to everyone I saw... I thought that this weekend I would try to get back my control, so I sat down and had a good think.

My problem was that I had begun to come in high and fast again (seems to be a recurring theme - but at least me on a bad day is high and fast rather than low and slow). Then this combined with my other habit of gradually losing the discipline of looking down the far end of the runway in the flare, produces a nightmare of overcontrol and pilot (or plonker) induced oscilation (can't spell that, but you know what I mean). So I did a quick circuit where I planned my approach better, rather than my usual 'whoa, there's the airfield, dive quick' approach. I then maintained speed better as I have a tendancy to sideslip at 90 and approach at 80 then land at 70 - this time I actually flew the approach at 70 and could not determine the landing speed as I was so fixated on the far end of the runway rather than looking at instruments. The consequence was that I pulled a greaser - so I went to Enstone and did the same with people watching and received my first compliment - ever. The third was a bit of a drop, but okay aqnd the fourth was one of those where you hear the wheels spin up, but don't feel the touchdown.

So I guess the moral of the story is that my basic mentality is safe (high and fast), but that if I do not keep that habit in check, then it becomes bumpy and embarressing. The other moral is that to have fun, we do not want to be constantly under pressure to perform with 100% accuracy, however every so often (preferably before it gets bumpy) I need a reality check where I return to basics and rather than accept faults, try to iron them out. Finally I have now down Beany's other leg fairing extension, so I can now finally paint everything - which will be good especially as I am now beginning to get cheeky messages after departure from Enstone about the pyschodelic nature of my Spats.

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