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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Am I the only one who writes in these blogs?

Quick test - The Cessna 120 is a better and nicer looking airplane... Now if no one comments on that then I will know that no one reads these...

Spent the weekend tinkering, changed the mag switch, checked one spark plug (just to make sure), mucked around with tyre pressures and then I went to Enstone to test my tarmac landings - first one not good, second one great. So I went to Old Sarum to take my brother up as I figure that I will probably be safe enough not to wipe half the family out now...

So Monday I flew to Southampton for a meeting. Bnio looked a bit out of place on the huge concrete apron and I amost got in trouble on my return as I sauntered up to the security guards and said 'I need to get onto the ramp, how do I get past security?' Probably my appearance and my bags and approach was not conducive to normal treatment (luckily I did not say bomb, even though I always get the tremendous urge). But they were nice and saw the funny side of it.

So I now feel sort of comfortable with tarmac.

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