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Age: 46
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A successful 2007 Rally! Flying in France again.
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Description: Luscombe Silvaire, 8E, Nov 1946. Silver/Blue.
Location: Near Compton Abbas, North Dorset, UK.
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First solo in Hong Kong.
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Managing to attract 28 Luscombes to the first ever Luscombe Rally!
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Monday, 09 April 2007
Yesterday found 6 Luscombes and one Piper Cub at Enstone in glorious sunshine, getting stuck into our BBQ! Easy flying and Brug was whistling along in those thermic updrafts, achieving a true 90 knots at 2250rpm.Later, I set off alone to visit the PFA Rally at Henstridge which had seen 180 odd visitors, including 3 Luscombes. OAT peaked at 19'C and England looked stunning from 1300', passing over long cues of traffic below, this is the way to travel!

I landed back at the strip, and smiled at just how smooth the runway is after myself and Martin's efforts! Organising the mowing gear next! Nige.
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Sunday, 01 April 2007
Spent 9 hours rolling the East/West runway,parking area, Taxi area and creating a new North/South runway at our strip in Dorset. I towed a 5.5 ton roller, which vibrated to produce 50 Tons, travelling at 2km/hr!!

This turned out to be a valuable day off well spent, as the results are breathtaking! The surface, somewhat 'Tuffty' and with loose stones, will slight undulations, is now smooth to the point of being able to push a Luscombe, full of fuel, with one hand over the grass! Must save on wear and tear too! Martin 'Christened' the North/South Runway, landed on the main East/West runway and commented on the huge improvement, we're all smiling now! Martin's keeping up the good work today, look forward to 'feeling' the results on my return next Friday! Alas, I'm off to a disruptive week of flying ahead, just as the weather is improving!!?

Look forward to the Enstone fly-in{one Keith created} next Easter Sunday and enjoying the 'New runway'! safe flying. Nige.
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