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A successful 2007 Rally! Flying in France again.
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Sunday, 19 August 2007
The 2007 European luscombe Rally was a near miss regarding the weather! The Summer has been one of the worst I can remember and major contingincy plans were in force regarding the evening entertainment in case of rain.

However, the sun came out, 25 Luscombes, 20 visitors and 70 plus made it for the evening, which is a success! Achieving that 30 Luscombe figure in such lovely weather is exasperating!

I flew my Oaksey display routine, playing with the trees, which always goes down well!

I flew down to Quiberon to visit a friend and enjoy the jazz night at the flying club which was some of the best Jazz I've ever heard - stunning!! I was joined earlier by Steve, Dave and Keith and , along with Gaud, a local 'gal' we toured around the Isle on pushbikes and even braved the sea! This sort of distance, travelling in a Luscombe, is about ideal - 3 hours from Dorset to Brittany.

The weather on the way back was fine, until I passed abeam North of Dinard and then sat on instuments over the Cherbourg Bay, passing South of Jersey, for 40 minutes, to descend just before the coast line and land at Cherbourg. Keith and Steve had diverted into Lessay due weather.

The flight back to Compton Abbas was cavok across the sea - I could even see the white cliffs of the Needles, Isle of Wight from the French coast! Brug perfomed faultlessly..

Now we're back to poor weather again - very frustrating! Nige.
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