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A successful 2007 Rally! Flying in France again.
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Tuesday, 30 September 2008
It's been far too long since since I've blogged but this summer has seen the lowest number of flying hours I've ever accumilated on Brug. Only 40 hours this year! I've fallen into the trap of allowing the general apathay that is about and this has been generated by high fuel prices also.

Having said that, the Luscombe and Friends Tour went well in May with some hairy moments regarding overweight Luscombes {and others!} in unusualy humid conditions...This is well covered in many magazines and on the website with some 'interesting' comments which I will take on board for next year's Tour.
We had so many a/c that we needed to operate in three groups with myself leading the first {and all} to their next stop. Too succesful!?? It really brought all of us together over the weekend, espeacialy over the evening 'do' at Sywell, expecting 30 people, ended up with 45 for dinner! The press covered this well.

The Rally was a washout and broke my heart. It just summed up the Summer we've had but the 'boys' showed great perseverance and determination and a lot drove up for the night resulting in a great night but looking across at the half dozen Luscombes sat in the rain! Well done to them and to the team for making it a great success! I can't wait for next years Rally as the weather will be perfect!!??

I've noticed my own skills becoming more rusty, with the cosequence of just potering around, so 3 days ago, in stunning weather,{??!!} I put myself under pressure to 'shape up' and flew Brug as I've always done, hard and fairly low with low level navigation, in and around the trees, a practice display or two and some severe strip flying combined with engine failures down to 2 feet. After an hour I felt back to normal with slightly shaking hands and a big grin on my face whilst driving home. On reflection I took the usual calculated risks with her and myself but felt always at peace with each other. I contributed to an article for GO-FLYING recently regarding this but when I read about this style of flying and out is a poor substitution for the real thing. My ambition is to film from the inside and out, with the intention of putting this across to pilots and media from the Luscombe and my own perspective. The strip flying would, I belieive, be quite an eye opener. There are so many articles about strip flying I feel there is little I can add. It's more of a demonstration/ hands on style of instruction with little room for error and this must be one of the most exillarating forms of flying we have today. When asked what is it that I like about the strip flying programme,{certain cliches come to mind!} it's the very nature of 'hands on, mark one eye ball, seat of your pants flying, maintaining spatial awareness, keep looking outside that window and feel the a/c around that "circuit", and turn that bloody radio off - you need as little distraction as possible!' You have to adapt to the changing scenario around you and topography can be a real challenge, so conventional circuits as one may operate at grass airfields, such as Old Sarum, Popham and Compton Abbas can be thrown away{thank God!} with this style of flying.. That sort of sums it all up, oh and know your aeroplane too! {there is a lot more that can be said about this subjuct along with poor weather Nav..}

I mustn't let my style and standard slip if we are both to servive.... Now poor weather flying - that's a great challenge and I love it! But one must be up to speed on that too. This is where my colleagues and myself, will have to practice more often if we are to beat these increasingly poor Summers, or our own standards and enthusiasm will suffer with potential safety implications..

I can't wait to fly Brug and the Cessna 195 again soon! Safe and fun flying all!

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