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A successful 2007 Rally! Flying in France again.
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Friday, 29 September 2006
Since that w'kend of practice, I've been hard at it at work and missed flying the old girl..

However, I had last w'kend off{23rd Sept} and washed and polished her{great way of checking her over thoroughly!} then flew her to Comton Abbas to view the Jungmans. Only 4 made it as there was an 18 knot crosswind from the south East, which was the worst wind direction, although I couldn't see what all the fuss was about really..

Next day burst open in bright sunlight and I was off yet again for my 'fix' with Brug and gave her another clean and also an oil change whilst I waited for Sally to arrive. Today we were going to Bourne Park in Hampshire to pay our respects to Tony Spooner and friends and, having flown over Boscombe Down at 2400'{quite high for me} we descended into what looked like a busy fly-in with a great arching Spitfire type{always looks good from the air that one!} approach onto 08. Food was fantastic and 'm pleased to say Brug drew some very complimentary glances looking shiny.

After a sweeping low level departure we set off, with the movie camera armed,to continue with a video about me and Brug{so vain!!} titled "A diferent poin of view". Having selected a low level route well known to us, without breaking the rules and then checking carefully for cattle, sheep and horses{and of course people!} the camera was placed in two places in the cockpit to experiment with lighting and focus.The results were poor light{into Sun?} but the focus is very promising. It was quite windy from the left and making my job dificult but the trees and bushes were helpful in keeping the wind down to minimum! Later we climbed much higher to video 'unusual' attitudes and were also jioned by two airshow performing 'Twisters',with low wing composite 'Spitfire-like' eliptical wings, with cameras bristling from them! Yet to see the results of this! I love formation!

So, another quiet day in Brug!?? Sal enjoyed the unusual manouvers! I'm in Africa{Kenya again-work really!} and wondering where I'll end up in Brug next!

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