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A successful 2007 Rally! Flying in France again.
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Description: Luscombe Silvaire, 8E, Nov 1946. Silver/Blue.
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October 2006
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First solo in Hong Kong.
First visual approach in a 757.
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Managing to attract 28 Luscombes to the first ever Luscombe Rally!
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Saturday, 21 October 2006
A good day from my friends point of view.

He is now back up to Luscombe speed at the strip! Only consistent problem encountered was the Trees on the approach which tended to result in a high and faster { 10mph } approach to 25, gobbling up precious runway. The circuit is over undulating ground, with an unecessarily high hedge just before the hedge, causing him to be around 10 feet higher than normal. However, with practice, this height should reduce, just be careful if you're heavy, with a slight tailwind, and its a hot and bumpy day-plus you're tired!

Once I was out of the aircraft, he found the Luscombe 8A an easy and absolute delight to fly- another happy Luscombe convert!! [ Was he saying I'm fat?... } Well done matey! Now keep practicing- er not circuits there though..

Off to Cuba.

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