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A successful 2007 Rally! Flying in France again.
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Description: Luscombe Silvaire, 8E, Nov 1946. Silver/Blue.
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First solo in Hong Kong.
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Managing to attract 28 Luscombes to the first ever Luscombe Rally!
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Tuesday, 21 November 2006
[QUOTE]Interesting weekend! Three days ago, the day started bright and dry, so at around 7.30am I started to TXT as many local guys as I could, suggesting lunch at Sandown on the Isle Of Wight.

With 3 of us, 2 Luscombes and a Taylorcraft { well, John WAS a luscombe pilot...} promising to meet, I set off on an easy day to the IOW. Brug purred along beautifuly and the Bourenmouth Zone Boundary I waited to gain entry as a short cut, and waited.. and waited..I gave up in the end. This is the way comparatively small airfields are going, if it's the w'kend, in good weather etc, they just can't cope, now the low cost airlines are based there. So I gave up and went around and will not bother calling them in future. It's not the controllers fault, it's another example where light aviation is is being sqeezed more and more into the countryside away from controlled airspace. The North of England must be bliss....

An hour later saw Martin, Mike [KM} myself and John Holland enjoying lunch in a superbly fitted out restaurant chatting about everything that has to do with flying. Mike, Martins Co-pilot, and a regular PPL himself talks about the fascinating times of flying the four engined, tailwheeled Hastings, now that's real tailwheel flying!!

Unfortunately, the heavens opened, hail, wind and heavy rain prevailed and I HATE having my Luscombe out in those conditions but I didn't allow it to dampen my spirits...

We later set off and Martin flew along side Brug where we split up and set off to our strip doing a touch and go on a model flying strip {tight!} for the 'lads' on the way and a display practice at Compton Abbas too, to liven things up. Very shy me..

The next day found me in John Truscotts Luscombe 8A, a 1940's beauty, as a result of a confirming phone call from 'FLYER'S' magazine editor in chief Pillip Witeman, that the weather was spot on for a photo shoot near Luton. I haven't flown an 8A solo for years and was a very pleasant experience, cruising along at 103 mph. It climbs better than my heavy old 8E, at around 600'/minute. I weigh 185 lbs and we were full on the 3 hour tank. The flt was uneventful, I did 'bits' with her on the way and was pleasantly rewarded in feeling at home with her for formation flying. I executed a 'Spitfire' turn onto finals and came up to a halt and jumped out, secretly hoping the engine would hand start when hot! After a lot of groung shots of the Jodel, Luscombe and the Piper Cub we got onto the serious stuff of formation flying. It went well. The only critisism of Johns 8A is that the Throttle is too stiff and makes it hard work under thermic and windy conditions to remain in formation.

Looking at the ominous dark clouds in the distance and noting the strong h'wind for my return flight, I was relieved to way off and depart South bound for my long journey
home. It wasn's very pleasant, tubulence, rain and squall lines which I avoided, all the time looking at my watch and landmarks on the ground, confirming how slow I was moving! Passing abeam Boscombe Down, I timed how long it took me to cover it's 2 mile length and noted my groundspeed - 61MPH, leaving me in no doubt I had to get out of this headwind, a lot stronger than forcast!! I elected to descend to 100' and although bumpy, I'd gained 15 MPH and so limped into Compton Abbas with leaves wistling all around me, stirred up by a 20 knot SSW wind and had the 8A refulled and hand swung in record time!

I sliiped onto our strip at nightfall, just befor a nasty line sqaull struck and was relieved to be tucking ZN to bed in our wonderful hanger, listening to rain and wind lashing against the outside! Off to the Pub! Love the old Luscombes....

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