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A successful 2007 Rally! Flying in France again.
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Thursday, 18 January 2007
I haven't written a great deal lately, as i've hardly been flying Brug due to a consistently long wet n windy spell of weather. I have flown, been practicing instrument flying, as I'm somewhat spoilt with the big jets and their flight directors with autopilot!

The other day I took off in breezy weather to fly a short distance to Old Sarum for lunch to find on my return winds of thirty knots had developed at the strip, giving a crosswind of 20 knots, "Not again," I moaned. I set her up and flew down the runway acessing the drift - right on limits on wet grass. Turned onto finals, battled with the turbulence { I've have worse, see earlier blog. } and place her down firmly and with brake and rudder { under these conditions one doesn't piss about being clever just using rudder, as she can swing into wind without ANY notice } and slid and slewed to a halt. Hats off to the Luscombe, she really does a great job under very difficult crosswind conditions.. I taxied carefully to the Hanger and called it a day. I'm really getting hacked off flying in these conditions and therefore have decided to wait for a nice day, hence little Blogging!! Still waiting!!

Finaly, On the approach to Gatwick in the 757, quick wind check whilst passing 1500' - 240/58 knots!! Wild to say the least, 38knots on the ground but much easier on the big stuff!

Keep those wings level! Nige.
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