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A successful 2007 Rally! Flying in France again.
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Description: Luscombe Silvaire, 8E, Nov 1946. Silver/Blue.
Location: Near Compton Abbas, North Dorset, UK.
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May 2007
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First solo in Hong Kong.
First visual approach in a 757.
First display.
Managing to attract 28 Luscombes to the first ever Luscombe Rally!
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Tuesday, 29 May 2007
Last Friday, after arriving at Compton Abbas and joined Mike Cross {G-BTCH} and Steve Martin {G-EITE} we then settled down, with cups of tea and cofee, to await a clearance of poor weather in France, the destination being Cherbourg, After a few hours things 'seemed' to be improving and we fired up our engines to find Steve's exhaust broken , so we bade him fairwell and Mike and myself set off to Cherbourg.

On arrival it was covered in fog {RVR 300 mtrs. } and had deteriorated as we'd crossed the Channel. I elected to wait, circling around the area with Mike attached to my tail. I spoke to Brest Radar checking the weather at Caen and it was fine but had no fuel! I then turned south, having received the weather for Dinard, which was ok, to find I'd lost Mike. However, I called him on the radio and told him to meet me at Lessay, which I wanted to look at as possible diversion! As we met up I spoke to Mike about plan C and we set off to Dinard but their weather closed in too { 2000mts, ovc @ 200' }, so turned for Avranches with Mike firmly glued to my tail! We arrived over head, just on the edge of the fog watching our fuel gauges and I cleared the sheep of the runway which were guite stubborn - guess they're used to aircraft.. Later we enjoyed a well earn't beer!

The next day was suuny and warm {typical} and with lots of fuel, we departed for St Bruiec for lunch but on arrival found the airfield to be a ghost town! So we set off for Quiberon and with ground speeds of up to 110 kts we arrived in style, with a run and break in formation, and enjoyed the rest of the day 'taking' in quiberon. the Hanger dance was great fun with a Pig roast and lots of fish food, Mike ate every ones!

The final day, pilots greeted us at Quiberon flying club, with worried expressions regarding the British weather and so we elected to get away early and sit at Dinard to refuel etc and asses the weather across the Channel. After two hours of P.....g about at Dinard, we set off for the south coast and 'enjoyed' [Single engine across water??] the flt at 2500' but descended rapildly due foul weather. Mike had split from me earlier as he was off to Popham. I was now down to 300' 10 miles from land looking for a way in, in heavy rain and on application of Carb heat, Brugs engine faltered which gained my full attention and so left it pulled out. At the same time I knew the cliffs of Durlston Head, Nr Swanage was due to appear shortly but the heavy rain made the view ahead difficult.{great way of cleaning your plane by the way!} I crawled pass the cliffs, around the hills of the Purbecks{which were in cloud] and battled my way up to Compton Abbas. Compton Abbas was very quiet, strangely enough, so I set off back South 3 miles away to Ranston Fm, my base, in thick rain and somewhat relieved, put Brug {bless her] to bed.Later, I recieved a phone call from Mike saying he was unable to make it past the Isle Wight and diverted to Bournemouth.

All in all, quite hard work but the visit to Quiberon was worth it! Brug performed beautifuly and I was espeacialy pleased with all the tailwinds we had across France - a great place to fly! I went up to Brug to check her over yesterday and was giong to clean her too but could'nt find a bug in sight, funny that....
Safe flying all! Nige.
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