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A successful 2007 Rally! Flying in France again.
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Description: Luscombe Silvaire, 8E, Nov 1946. Silver/Blue.
Location: Near Compton Abbas, North Dorset, UK.
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June 2007
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First solo in Hong Kong.
First visual approach in a 757.
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Managing to attract 28 Luscombes to the first ever Luscombe Rally!
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Monday, 18 June 2007
Saturday Afternoon found me firing up all 7 cylinders of the 'Shakey' Jacobs Radiial, producing a little under 300 hp of this fascinating Cessna 195 B. model. This was it's first {and mine!} flight in 18 months and after clearing away the blue smoke I taxied out and onto Bournemouth's runway on a wing and a prayer! can't see anything ahead, as the the engine and Cowling are in the way.. the T/O was fine, with just me on board and 2 hours fuel I rose into the air within 200 mtrs in a 15 knot h'wind! I then flew up to Compton Abbas to check myself out in a 10 knot crosswind from the south, spicy! One can only judge the flair by looking out of the side windows and she wants to ground loop as soon as we touch down, a most difficult aeroplane to land, a challenge but a wonderful aeroplane all the same! Makes the Luscombe feel like a Pussey cat!!

The run and and break is fun; Run down the runway at 170 mph, pull up {2G's} turning climb to 1300', having started at 50' speed back to 85 miles an hour, drop the Flaps and continue the turn, sideslipping onto the runway, flairing bling again - great fun! But she will bite! Jack, a budding PPl, joined me and I flew down to Old Sarum to team up with Martin's Luscombe, 'NM'. Hard work in this 3000lb 5 seater, flying along side a Luscombe but we completed a formation flypast, nevertherless! Having dropped young Jack off back at C Abbas, I managed a lovely landing back at Bmth airport and went down to the Pub to celebrate! What a lucky lad I am!!

The next day found myself and Martin flying down to join Mike Cross, in his Luscombe, to visit Goodwood for their Vintage Classic Fly-in family event. We arrived in style, in formation and on landing we taxied off to enjoy what was one of the best fly-in's i have been to for a long time. The family's got up close to the aircraft and we proudly showed our Luscombes off to all, which attracted a great deal of interest. We were supplied food free of charge! The whole event was exremely well organised and being Father's Day, well attended. The Mustang, Decathalon,Enstrom and other's produced a wonderfull dislpay and your's truly will be hoping to display next year!! Martin and myself departed in style again and I landed back at Ranston, after completing a display at Compton Abbas, with a big grin on my face! What a lucky lad I am!
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