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Saturday, 02 December 2006

2nd Dec 2006. Good to be back in the air !

Well, after an enforced break for the last two months I couldn’t wait to get back in the air again today, even just for a short fly. I have had my wooden prop serviced and a new modern throttle and cable installed, so now I have a friction nut rather than the an old vernier type push button…things should be smoother now and hopefully servicing the prop has reduced revs thereby increasing kts…we will see!
After work it was down to the strip. First check the strip for debris, dogs sticks etc and see how firm it is then drag TE out, do an extensive check over, no mice birds nests etc, chock her, brakes on & into wind, and Armstrong 1 here we come, making sure not to slip over in the process on the soft wet grass! Low and Behold, blimey, she started first time; wish she would do that when people are watching me!! At Denham where we were hangared for one summer, this was a standing joke. I could start the aircraft no problem, outside the hangar, then taxy over to the pumps to get fuel, and while busy fuelling, the local flying school would quietly line up the chairs in front of me and provide the audiencefo r the re-start..which always took time…very entertaining…if you were watching!. not so good if you were swinging the prop. I digress….
5 mins warming up at ever increasing power levels, then a fast taxy, all ok, checks all normal, so off we go. Take off was uneventful with a 12kts wind about 30 degrees off rnwy heading, turn into wind, climb not quite as good as before the prop was serviced (about 700ft per min, one person and 2/3 tanks,70kts) and then into the cruise.’TE is one of those Luscombe’s with many previous lives and is now configured as an 8F although she started out as a metal wing 8A. At present she has a C90 up front and is “light” with very little extra weight ( ie starter stuff , large batteries etc), we have a turbo fan underneath and a small battery powering a small radio, plus full panel.
Now to set up the cruise and this seems to be greatly improved with about 85kts at 2250 revs, and without the spats on ! So we may get 90kts with spats, and once I have got used to the new throttle and set 2350 revs perhaps abit more…. I can always dream!. Try a stall…very benign, may be I didn’t pull up enough? Anyway the sun is now getting low and may be a problem on approach so time for landing checks which I call out aloud as taught by my instructors. Approach was flown initially at 65kts down to 60kts and then 55kts over the trees our threshold with a good headwind, then cut throttle, slip the last few feet and loose the flare. Down short and satisfied, even though it was only a short flight. It’s just good to be practicing again!

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