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Steve Martin
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Sunday, 28 January 2007

28th Jan2007

Mud glorious mud! Short fly to Turweston

Flew TE in the company of the other resident aircraft a Piper Cub yesterday. Getting down the very muddyand slippery ¾ mile farm track was fun! First time I have ventured there for some while as the track has been impassable The strip was surprisingly firm but needed an inspection for propeller hazards…. picked up numerous long dog walkers sticks. Finally checked out aircraft…no mice!...resident barn owl has been doing its job. Light cross winds today 8-10 kts no problem for either aircraft, so off we go to Turweston having booked slots the day before because of the draconian planning restrictions imposed on them by Aylesbury Vale DC. Only hard runway available as the two grass runways are soggy. Very wide circuit at 1300ft for noise abatement and cranked final, little turbulence, wing down into the wind and smooooth it onto the tarmac  … why can’t I do that everytime !!! Fuel , a very nice bacon butty and friendly chat with the tower and flying club, then back track the hard and a high overhead departure to our strip. I’m monitoring my wooden 48/72 prop’s performance. So yesterdays figures at 1033 QNH & 1026 QFE were: t/off ½ tanks no luggage/passenger, with 10kts 40deg off runway heading, abt 300m, 250 ft asl on wet level grass, climb at 70kts 500fpm.., cruise at 2300 was 86kts. T/off tarmac runway, 448ft asl, slightly up hill full tanks same wind, estimate 250m, climb 60kts 400fpm and same cruise as before. Not bad, but I’m thinking what about mid summer mtow hot still day…what then. Keep monitoring the figures !

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