Steve Martin
Steve Martin
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Sunday, 04 March 2007

It’s Spring at last and more mud! Sat 3rd March 2007

Off down to the farm after a morning in the office, through the concrete farmyard past the old listed Tithe barn and…. straight on to a very muddy track..ugh!
No I don’t think the Audi is going to do this!... so park up and walk nearly a mile across the field …skylarks dodging me as I inspect the strip which is surprisingly firm ….but then in front of the hangar its very very soft , so much so that the aircraft would probably sink down to Oz ! So no flying today,… very frustrating, but that’s all part of farm strip flying I suppose. There is always another day, I say to myself starting to get depressed and putting jealous thoughts of hard runway aficionados out of my head, farm strips are still the best and the owl is still keeping the mice away ! Next week the weather will be different…..won’t it ?

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