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Steve Martin
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Sunday, 22 April 2007

Testing testing.......

At last the new cowl is on...after a year of getting the bits together. Looks great even without paint (but I'm biased)! So yesterday it was time to test it. A thorough check of the airframe first, then a good run up check (we've also just done the oil change and renewed the regulator in the turbo alternator), then some fast taxying up & down the strip with the tail wheel up. There's a cross wind, & I never know quite how much ruddering will be necessary when I drop the tail back on the ground..all's well, so turn off and do another airframe check before a hot restart...and she started ok after a few swings, then gather up an engineer into the other seat (always get the engineers to fly with you...good insurance!) and off we go..just a short local, P's & T's ok no vibration, climb, cruise,approach,& landing all ok.The another airframe/engine check. So cowl needs finishing touches now then spraying. I've taken TE off line again this week so the engineers can put in new aileron hinge bearings, ready for the Permit inspection. Hope to fly next weekend.

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