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Steve Martin
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Sunday, 13 May 2007

April 2007 Gusty cross winds !

A fine but blustery day and a flight to Popham. Clear skies and a gusty15-20 kts wind nearly down our strip. Fairly turbulent over the Chiltern Hills tracking to Kings Clare mast. Called Popham to find the into wind runway was out of use and so it was to be a cross wind final which was now a gusty 20-25kts. Oh well, that’ll teach me for not ringing first ! I have never managed a good landing on this runway yet ! First approach over the trees and A303 went well until I side slipped and took off to much power ending up being lifted by the wind…by the time the wheels had touch (gently) three times it was time to go round and try another approach. We all have our own limits and I was keen to nail this gusty cross wind approach. High over the trees again to allow some room for turbulence and an extra few knots above normal approach speed on the ASI to hold her, note the ground speed on the GPS all the way down, another steep side slip and on to the grass nice and early this time…so lots of time to settle her down gently, which took another two long gentle bounces, stick full back, I never quite remember that, and into wind aileron and I am down . Well it might not have looked pretty but it was safe and gentle and controlled, and improved my cross wind experience once more. Next time though I’ll ring them first  !

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