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Friday, 31 August 2007

Friday & Sat. 10th-11th Aug 2007 Chauvigney to Avranches via Quiberon
Onwards & upwards, after saying our goodbyes at Chauvigney & wishing we could stay longer to explore the town we head off north east to get within striking distance of Belgium. The weather deteriorates enough for us to divert into a small strip,well found and navigated by Keith & Dave, for lunch, where again the French welcome us and drive us into town. We hang about watching the lowering cloud base and a 747 doing low circuits under the cloud from a nearby airfield ! A few hours pass….decision time ! Its no good sitting on the ground when we could be flying, so with Nige Barratt’s, sort of, open invitation to visit Quiberon, S.Brittany, where he is staying the weekend, we txt him with an eta for that evening! So no Schaffen Deist this year ! We fly west into ever warmer and clearer weather, refueling at Ancencis on the Loire. We approach Quiberon in the late afternoon over the sea with fantastic views of the coast.
Gaud kindly puts us up for the night & we all eat well at a superb restaurant on the coast watching a beautiful sunset. Next day its bicycle hire and around the peninsular for the day, including a swim in the surf. We thank Gaud and Nige for their hospitality, and depart for a lovely evening flight north over Britany to Avranches passing Mount St. Michel on the way. Avranches is situated at sea level on an estuary with views of Mount St. Michel. Walk up the hill, 4kms, in to town for a meal and a free ride back with the propriateur…again more French kindness.

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