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Steve Martin
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Friday, 31 August 2007

Sunday 12th Aug 2007 Avranches to White Waltham via Cherbourg.
Avranches is well worth a visit. This airfield also has a history going back to before WW2 as documented in its original authentic signing in book, that is still in use.
Next morning we wake to fog! ..but this burns off quickly and we’re on our way by 11 am. Up the Cherbourg Peninsular trying to beat a cold front heading west towards us. 15 Minutes out of Cherbourg we give up and land at Lessey to sit out the lowering cloud and rain. After a couple of hours,we do a short hop into Cherbourg, clear the formalities and having watched a Dakota land, we do a formation take off and head directly for White Waltham via Sandown’s overhead and Portsmouth harbour. Good evening visibility behind the cold front makes this a pleasant flight. 13/4 hrs later we land at White Waltham. France is a great place to fly and camp, especially in good weather !The French flying community were extremely helpful….oh if only English flying could be the same! Going with another aircraft was great fun and enhanced even more by meeting up with friends at Quiberon. Pierre who manages Quiberon airfield also helped to make our stay very enjoyable. Many thanks Keith & Dave, G-BSSA, for the hard work you both put in to planning this trip.

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