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Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Brimpton via Chiltern Park Sept 2nd 2007.

The weather was good if a little windy. I was at Haddenham early,the barn owl is back and getting TE ready when Rob Lees flew in from Leicester in his immaculate Taylorcraft G-BREY. 1946 it has recently been completely rebuilt.
I do a couple of run up checks on TE as I have just done an oil change, and the oil temp gauge has also been renewed..all ok. Roger arrives to fly his Cub G-ARAO. The wind is getting up, but its straight down the strip. Rob and I depart together. The Taylorcraft goes up nearly vertically after a very short 50-75m run, all very impressive. We head off towards Stokenchurch Tower in loose formation, then on to Henley . You can see the high rise towers in central London today. Chiltern Park sits in the southern end of the Vale of Aylesbury south of RAF Benson in a valley just over the Chiltern ridge. It is a farm strip with two grass runways, and there is a microlight school. We opt to land on the short northerly runway, slightly down hill, but into a now stiff 15kt wind. I stop almost immediately I touch the grass….must be blowing hard !
There are already a few arrivals including a Pitts Special, Luscombe’s G-AGMI, Phil & Loraine, G-NIGE (Charlotte & Geoff), & Taylorcraft G-AHNR, Jono Holland.Martin Stevens arrives in the big Bolkow 207 D-EFTI, and with T/craft G-BREY,Rob Lees, that makes seven. After a coffee & a chat, we all depart for Brimpton, keeping well apart due to the ever increasing wind !
Approaching Brimpton it is clear they are very busy. Aircraft are” going round” and re- joining, and there are a number of aircraft on long final, so it is time to concentrate ! I land after a long approach and park up. Whilst its blowing it is still a lovely day. The piston Provost does a good display, so do two Beagle pups and the Pitts. Some jet and other model aircraft also do displays. G-KENM (Martin Waters is there with G-BSOX ,Betty & Roger. G-AFYD also arrives from Compton. So with the resident Brimpton Luscombe G-BVGY that makes seven Luscombe’s ! I eventually depart and have a quick look at Jono’s new strip…umm…abit on the short side so leave that for another day! Back at Haddenham, Charlotte & Geoff in G-NIGE pop in. They stay awhile and then depart for their home field of Popham.
A really good days flying, although the wind kept us on our toes and good company to. I suspect very successful for Brimpton & their fund raising for the Air-Ambulance. Thanks Phil for suggesting the venues.

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