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Steve Martin
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Saturday, 06 October 2007

Oct 07. Owl on Strike!
Well, the news isn’t good, the barn owl’s gone on strike! After the harvest in September the mice start to come into the barn where we hangar the aircraft. Usually the owl deals with them, but for some reason this year he’s turned his back on us so far, even though he and his young family,two young owls, live in the other half of the barn. Perhaps there are richer pickings of luscious voles elsewhere. The mice are eating the pellets we put down, in fact they love them…suspect they have some hidden mixture they mix with the pellets to make them poison neutral ! Are they using the Warfarin for mouse DVT problems? I don’t think so as they have not done any real long flights, although I probably flew them to the VAC Sackville Farm BBQ today ! We’ve put slippery sheets of A4 rigid plastic on the axels and tail wheel assembly, like rat things on anchor chains, and spray WD40 around these areas…well I heard a tip on gardeners question time that it stops slugs….so may be it’ll stop mice too?! Even the glue sheets aren’t working at the moment. We may have to mount a guard. I have noticed a Robin ,not a DR400, has taken up residence in the barn. May be this little lion of the air is scaring off the owl! Oh well, the joys of farm strips!

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