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Steve Martin
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Tuesday, 01 January 2008

Mice, money, transponders and birds (feathered ones)!

The leatherwork on the step below the seats and gaiters around the sticks is now in tatters! The mice liked the soft underside of the leather & have eaten it. I only had this made two years ago. Never mind, we have I think got rid of the mice for the moment. A bit of,rather a lot of, wheat seed poison did the trick & a few mouse traps. It was field mouse doing the damage although we thought initially rats or even glis-glis, edible dormouse, may have been the culprits. Even the owls have returned ! So I can relax abit…. Now to repair the damage….new leather and new wiring…the quotes run into four figures ! Thought I’d get a quote for a Mode S transponder and some re-arrangement of the panel to allow for a GPS at the same time, but this is so expensive that it’s not practical to do …over five grand from a licensed firm. May be a PFA guy will fit these bits at a more reasonable cost? I’m still looking around. I’m not too worried about not flying alot during the winter. Rather fix things & get TE shipshape for the summer.
We now have a pair of herons nesting somewhere close to the barn. They are a lovely sight swooping low over the fields. The Red Kites are also breeding more and a number of pairs can usually be seen in the air. Its nice to just watch them all…birds ,aircraft …farm strip…what more could one want !
I speak regularly to Charlie in the USA who rebuilt TE in the mid 1980’s. He sends me his recollections of flying TE around Indiana & the adjoining States…all very interesting…. hard copies are filed away & form part of the aircrafts history.
Its New Years Day and the weather is misty…I should really be polishing TE…

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