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Steve Martin
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Monday, 23 June 2008

Luscombe & Friends Tour 2008 May30th to 1stJune

I was reading weather forecasts well before the Tour and for once this year the Gods were largely on our side. Friday afternoon saw TE & me meet with G-BSSA. On our way to Croft Farm we had a great view of Blenheim Palace and a slightly misty fly over the Cotswolds landing just ahead of G-BROO. We were among the last arrivals that night. Several Luscombes were already tied down. The evening meal in the pub was well attended & very pleasant. Great to meet up with so many flyers. Some camped the night, others B & B’d it. Saturday was lovely weather but the lack of wind reduced t/off performance for some, but we all got away from Croft Farm, great hospitality there, & a gaggle of assorted Luscombes & friends flew over to lovely Lane Farm in the Welsh hills where there was an equally friendly reception. Once the gaggle were all airbourne again the scenery was spectacular up to Weshpool. More aircraft were joining in and after lunch we split into 3 groups to fly on to Baxterley via Litchfield to miss the Birmingham zone. Baxterley is a very hospitable grass farm strip which I suspect on some days can be difficult, but we had only a little wind and we all landed without any fuss, lined the aircraft up & had a cuppa mid afternoon. Last stop for the night was Sywell where we had more aircraft join us & 40 of us sat down to a most enjoyable & relaxing dinner/evening. What a fantastic days flying. Its not often you get the chance to fly with and meet so many like minded people. Just the sight of so many Luscombes lined up is amazing…16, I think. Sunday’s weather was not so good ! ..but having decided to miss Sibson because of the mist, we eventually left for Sackville Farm to enjoy one of their delightful BBQ’s…. Slightly heavier… we left for Turweston for a line up & photo shoot. The remaining aircraft flew down to Brimpton and slowly the sun came back out again. Brimpton is well worth a visit and has a number of fly-in days every year ,all visited airfields have web sites. Well…what a very successful weekend. So many aircraft participating, friendly airfields, beautiful scenery, good food, and most of all, great company! What a flying experience that will be remembered & talked about for many a year!

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