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Steve Martin
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Saturday, 13 December 2008

Catching the sunset Sat 6th Dec 2008

Last Saturday afternoon was a beautiful clear winters day with only a light northerly crosswind. Flying over the Chilterns just before dusk with the windows open, listening to the engine note and looking at the long shadows on the ground…what more could one want ! The sun was so bright and low you needed to plan the flight so as not to be directly facing the glare, but once that was done it was just lovely to map read local roads rather than a planned track, look at friends houses and fly over places of interest like Chequers, which surprisingly still has no restrictions over it.
The sun slowly sank through a mist on the horizon with only a deep glow left and the outline of the landscape…time to land. The wind had disappeared completely and a steep side slip on minimum power brought me down quietly onto the strip, the local village being done the wiser. Taxying back slowly out of view of everything except the red kite’s, sparrow hawks and the occasional rabbit, I dwelled ‘awhile on how lucky we are to look at the world from on high…… Only 25 minutes but what a lovely flight.

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