Steve Martin
Steve Martin
Time to Reflect on 2009.....
Friday, 12 March 2010

Time to Reflect on 2009……..

Last years flying really was good fun.  Looking back, we had the very successful Luscombe/Cessna event at Sywell, a great Luscombe Tour, and good weather for the Oaksey Park Rally weekend. What more could we want!! The weather played ball when we needed it to (most of the time!). Indeed, those who went on the French visit to Quiberon had such good weather we forgot for awhile what a pain English weather can be! Nige let us fly into Ranston a few times which is always good fun and concentrates the mind. Even the Great Vintage Flying Weekend weather was good! We had a couple of little fly-ins at Haddenham which went well (and hope to do some more this year). A few of us made it to Branscombe in Devon on a lovely day for their annual fete/fly-in and enjoyed a great day out and a terrific flying display. Others made it to RNAS Yeovilton and of course the autumn Vintage Aircraft Club BBQ at Sackville Farm. Some where not so lucky and there was the occasional fly-in where the weather deteriorated badly and planes had to divert or turn back to their home bases. Over all the flying was very good and I for one enjoyed the company many of the Luscombe Group. There were many other good flying days….. We are lucky enough to have a great choice of venues to attend each year…..lets hope we get a great summer again this year!

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