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Monday, 30 July 2007
Well, the "drought" is finally over. In the past week I have managed roughly 2hrs 45. It feels good to be flying again after all the bad weather. It hasn't been particularly adventurous, getting used to flying G-NIGE again, getting used to that offset approach to 26 @ Popham.

I did manage a land away to White Waltham on Saturday (28th). The wind was up, and it was sunny and warm, so getting there was a little bumpy, and hard to keep the aircraft straight and level. Once there I was rewarded with a very slow final, and what seemed like a particularly short landing run on 25, vacated just at the intersection with 21.

On the way back, the wind had died down a bit, and it was alot smoother. Again, my landing run seemed short to me. I normally seem to float for ever, and drop enough speed on the rollout to get off 26 @ Popham by the second intersection, today, I was off at the first one.

The group all managed to meet up the previous weekend, I have landed myself the job of looking at the brakes. They don't hold during the power checks at 1700-1800 RPM, unless you go down the hill a bit. This causes complications at places like WW, which is essentially flat! I've got a bit of reading to do around Shinn drum brakes (hopefully that's what we've got 'cos I found a PDF about them on a Taylorcraft website).

Anyway, Luscombe Rally next weekend. Thoroughly looking forward to it!
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