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Welcome to 2018 all! here's wishing you all safe and enjoyable flying in these dear old girls and hope we can meet at some events this year. The site has been decidedly quieter these last couple of years but still holds an amazing amount of info, advice and encouragement for those needing it! Let's put it to good use and let us know if you have an event coming up or looking to meet for lunch/overnight at some point! have fun! Nige.
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Luscombe wanted
Title Luscombe wanted
Description Please sell me your Luscombe.
Sent by Jeff Smith
Following the recent loss of my beloved G-BVGW, I'm now in the market for another Luscombe. I had hoped to just hire Pa28's or Cessna 152's for a while, but I'm not getting on very well with either of the standard trainers, and now realise only a vintage taildragger will do. Luscombes are far and away the best of the 1940's taildraggers, so here I am again! My only real preference would be a correct 1930's or 1940's period colour scheme instead of the more common 1960 style white, with red or blue stripes. (so wrong on a vintage aeroplane!)
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