Last Shout - Posted by: Nige - Sunday, 08 January 2017 08:56
Welcome to 2017! after a very successful Birthday Party at SYWELL last year for BRUG and others as our Luscombes hit around the 70 year old mark another well intentioned Luscombe meet up and beer is now being considered. Let's get some more ideas around the table and execute them- life is rushing us past and soon the Luscombes will out live us!! The Luscombe site is stable at present and an excellent source for tech talk and events. So let's try and make 2017 a year to remember! safe flying all and look forward to meeting as many as we can get together over the year! Cheers, Nige.
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The Continental Luscombe Association was founded by Loren Bump in 1975, and is a non-profit organization dedicated to the flying, preservation, and enjoyment of Luscombe airplanes. (American Site)
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Publish a 16-page bi-monthly newsletter that covers Luscombe history, maintenance, restoration, and modification, rare or unusual Luscombes, member stories, sources for parts, and photos.
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Luscombe parts and service info

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